Pulse sales

Hello all hive users, how are you today, is everything running smoothly without any problems? I hope so☺️

Because yesterday's post I said I would make a post about my business. actually I didn't work and my husband didn't want to see me work either. But I don't want to see my husband working alone and sitting at home boring, after all, my business is not too tired and doesn't require strong energy, just sitting in a kiosk and serving customers, that's all.

This is the small kiosk that is my current business.

Actually we have been in this place for a long time, because my husband used to sell but now he is busy with other work, so I intend to sell again
Earlier, my husband and I cleaned the place and stocked the items for sale.
This kiosk should only sell credit, vouchers and cellphone accessories, but because there are lots of children and adults there, I sell cakes and cigarettes too, so people don't just focus on credit.

For this type of voucher, for now, I only sell Telkomsel, but later I want to sell others too, if there are all types of pulses, for telephone packages and data packages, all are available

The place inside is not too big and not narrow so I can also sleep there when I'm sleepy.

This is a photo from the inside to the front of the kiosk

This business is not too hard but a little profit so it suits me who can't work hard.

Maybe this is enough for my post this time, because today is just the beginning for me to start my own business hehe, pray for me to sell my goods, friends

Greetings, I am Nova

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