Wednesday Walk in the Neighborhood Where I Work


Last Wednesday I was doing my usual activities so that morning I saw some of my friends doing their respective jobs. This is where I work with my other friends. This is called a fish nursery, so here we work as a team and have their respective daily tasks, they have finished work and have finished their work, so I want to see my friends who are doing my work on Wednesdays around or have a look from my friends who are cutting grass to people plowing the fields located near the fish seed hall.


This friend of mine is doing his job, which is to take fish in the pond and then move it, he saw that he took a loss and then used it as a tool in doing his job. On the occasion of that day, he enthusiastically and assisted by several other friends took the activity and then transferred it properly so that it can grow quickly so that it can be harvested immediately, he is a fishery scholar at the fish seed hall who has a lot of knowledge or experience about fisheries.


The weeds in the seed hall need to be cut to make it look clean so my friend uses a lawn mower to clean the grass to make it look clean and pleasing to the eye so that day he diligently did the work of mowing the grass and almost the entire edge of the pond was cut by him this is a mistake one area who is also a fishery graduate and he is very skilled in spawning or wearing clothes so that he can produce good seeds from fish that are in the complex there are fish seed ponds.


Near the nursery, there are people's rice fields and that day the tractor was plowing the fields because rice was about to be planted again so on Wednesday I was just in the sub-district to see the tractor was plowing the fields and I took a photo of the tractor This is because the local residents bought the tractor and the tractor was imported from another village to plow the people's fields in that village.


Also that day there was the owner of the rice field, he was spraying herbicide on the weeds on the outskirts of the rice field, he was a bit unclean and didn't contaminate his rice fields. by his parents he was one of the local villagers.


The seeds in this pond seem to be getting big and will soon be sold, so here special nets are used to keep fish in the pond so that when taking the fish seeds there is no need to dry the ponds and my friend moves his job to feed the fish and take good care of them so that it can be sold as fish seeds.


My friend is still busy or doing his job, he is taking fish seeds in the pond and as I said earlier he will move them to another place because the seeds will be sold soon this is one of the income from then they use the fee as daily necessities.


There is a friend of mine on the other side who is looking for mushrooms as ingredients or as content for him in the mushroom community. I approached him to be clearer and what kind of mushroom he is his son. He says every Friday he wants to post it in the sun and this is his chance to look for a mushroom sister in around the fish nursery.


This is the mushroom he searched for and this memory has been taken by him it looks like this mushroom is not edible so I want to take a photo of it, in the fish seed hall there are not many mushrooms that grow and this mushroom grows in cow dung still the taste of this mushroom is quite beautiful and suitable as content in the mushroom community that many other people follow in the mushroom community.

And that's a little story about my activities on Wednesday seeing my friends who are doing activities or teaching their assignments even though this is around my environment but I think one of the good content materials and I want to go to you more than them, thank you so much for your attention so far see you another time.

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