My Daughter's Jolly Birthday


What's Up Hivers!

For today's blog I'll tell you about my daughter's birthday. She is a huge fan of Jollibee and that is exactly what she wanted to eat on her special day. So I went out and grabbed a bucket of chicken joy, some spaghetti and some fries.


Oh hello there Jollibee!
I went to the mall and purchased Jollibee meals. As you can see, there is Jollibee smiling, welcoming you to their fast food restaurant. My daughter has always chosen Jollibee for her birthday celebrations when she was a child until now that she is an adult.

I clearly remember the day when we went to the mall to buy groceries when she was a kid and we passed by the Jollibee restaurant where there was a birthday party going on with a mascot at the time. She was astounded by what she saw because she had only ever seen the statue of Jollibee, never the real Jollibee strolling around the celebration and entertaining the children.



As you can see, this is the inside of their fast food restaurant, with the social distance maintained at one meter. Because you can't just order there right away, I'm waiting for my priority number to be called.


The toys are displayed on this side of the restaurant. During their childhood, we always purchased meals that had complimentary toys, or we simply bought these toys with her cousin. They want to play with those toys every time we eat here.


This is my daughter enjoying her favorite meal at Jollibee the "crispylicious" and "juicylicious" chicken joy. She has always preferred chicken joy over anything else. Despite the fact that she is now 22, she hasn't changed much.



And of course this is her all time favorite, jolly crispy fries paired with jolly spaghetti. She would choose this over sweet cake, I wonder up until when will she keep choosing Jollibee.


We are unable to go outside due to Covid-19 so we had a simple celebration at home. We do not wish to contract the virus. It is best to stay at home and follow the protocols for the time being.

I may think it's not that great, but seeing her smile and simply enjoying dinner made me feel a little emotional, because I know some girls her age would love to go out, spend time with their friends, or request an expensive meal, but she didn't. Instead, she chose to spend her time with us, claiming that sharing her favorite Jollibee meal with us was the best part of her day.

That's all for this blog. Thank you for sparing your time visiting my blog. Adios!

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