The Tradition of Cooking Yellow Rice on a Birthday

Hello everyone how are you,This is my first post on the Asean Hive Community.

I hope you welcome me well.

Yesterday, October 7, my son's 8th birthday, we have a tradition of celebrating his birthday by cooking yellow rice.

We can enjoy this rice with family or share with neighbors. Usually yellow rice is served with various side dishes, it can also be made into a cone.



I cooked this yellow rice myself. I also cook side dishes such as omelet, fried chicken, fried vermicelli noodles, chili sauce, and sauteed tempeh.

This yellow rice tastes very tasty because we process it with spices.

If you ask why this rice can be yellow, because we use turmeric powder, turmeric powder serves to add a beautiful yellow taste and color to the rice.

The spices that I put in when making yellow rice are turmeric powder, lemongrass, bay leaves, salt and coconut milk.

The spices are what make this yellow rice taste delicious. It's very easy, you can try it at home.



Seen several family members queuing to enjoy this delicious yellow rice, eating with family can strengthen a relationship, it is very rare for us to eat together and gather like this.


My family and I ate together on the terrace of the house.

Celebrating a simple birthday has made my child's heart happy, life is not about luxury but more about togetherness. Because a good relationship will make family relationships more harmonious.

This is a little story from me, thank you for reading this post, and see you soon.


Dwi Purwandari

Dwi Purwandari is an ordinary housewife, she doesn't have many activities at home so she is bored. Recently, he started to learn to write, because according to her, writing is a way for her to relieve stress, can improve his mood and can express her feelings as he wants by writing. She has a dream that one day he can become a successful person by writing. Be proud of you because you can write,because not everyone is able to become a writer.

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