photography | see some points of scenic beauty at the location of the Lhokseumawe waduk reservoir

hello friends of the @ASEANHIVE community, how are you, are you okay, hope you are all healthy so that you can carry out your activities for today, on this occasion I will show you some photos and want to post | photography see some points of scenic beauty at the location of the Lhokseumawe waduk reservoir

Yesterday afternoon I left the house at around 01.00 pm, and I have had a concept or schedule for traveling during the day, a photo of the natural beauty around Lhokseumawe, so yesterday while traveling to the photo shoot location, a friend called I asked for a quick afternoon coffee and I refused because I was in a hurry to find photos around the Lhokseumawe Reservoir.

after I served my friend called and I moved directly to the photo finder, at that time the weather was very hot burning my skin but I was still excited to go to the Lhokseumawe reservoir location to take pictures there

before getting ready to go into the real story he will tell about the Lhokseumawe reservoir is a place for people to travel in Lhokseumawe and North Aceh as well as throughout Aceh, this location is in the country of Indonesia and the right location is Lhokseumawe, many people on holidays have recreation to looking for entertainment in this Lhokseumawe reservoir.

until I arrived at the destination, I took a break in a tree I wanted to because the weather was very hot and I looked inside the reservoir and towards the sky, the atmosphere of the beauty of the natural scenery was very beautiful and nice, then I was very interested in seeing the scenery then I took a photo some photos towards the Lhokseumawe reservoir

I was there yesterday after taking pictures waiting for a few more hours to take photos of the twilight sky, the location of this photo of the twilight sky is on the river on the edge of the reservoir of Lhokseumawe city, yes it is on the Muara 2 river, Lhokseumawe city and seen in the river there are cages for fishermen who are keeping fish , yesterday I helped the clouds and the very red sun illuminate the earth even though it was a bit twilight but still very beautiful.

I had time to take a long distance photo of the boat or fishing boat parked on the seafront of Pusong Lhokseumawe, indeed when I made it yesterday the clouds were already a bit cloudy so I just want to take a photo of this bot, only two photos, hive friends.

that's my post this time hopefully all hive friends like my post this time, greetings of success always for all of you hive friends.


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