Visiting a friend's place who has a duck farming business

Hello all hiver friends. How are you all. I hope that we are all in good health and can participate in activities smoothly.

Today I want to show you some pictures that I took at my friend's place. My friend owns a dagger duck breeder and grows small chilies in his garden. But for the hot peppers in the preparation of the land, so I can only take pictures of some of the ducks that he raises. As we know that ducks are one of the most common animals to be cultivated by the community, we can always sell the mother but we can also sell the eggs. Even some people sometimes don't sell duck eggs but they wait for the brood to hatch and the seeds they can raise or sell.

Like what my friend did. When they get duck eggs, they wait for them to hatch from their mothers to be reared. My friend who owns a duck farming business is also an alumnus of a livestock school, so they have mastered the science of animal husbandry. For the duck feed they cultivate, some of them process it themselves by making artificial feed that is easy and economical. When I go to their place, I love to see the duck breeds they have so I took the opportunity to be able to get some pictures of their ducks. I also had time to ask them to see or mark the male and female ducks, they said the male duck's body size was bigger than the female duck. And I just now know how to mark it, because I've never kept ducks but when it comes to raising chickens, it's my hobby. All right, friends, let's see some pictures that I have prepared.

Maybe that's all I can share on this occasion, hopefully this is useful for all of us. A big thank you to all community members who have seen and supported my post. See you again in my next post.

Camera UsedCanon
Model600 D
LocationAceh, Indonesia
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