The Beauty Of Flowers With Different Colors In The Home Yard

Hello all friends, how are you today. Hopefully we are all still in good health and can participate in activities smoothly.

On this occasion I would like to present some interesting pictures of some very beautiful flower types. The various types of flower colors in my brother's yard look very beautiful when we look at them. As we know flowers are plants that are quite easy for us to see.

In this world there are so many types of flowers that exist and each one has beauty in terms of shape and also in terms of color.When I visited my brother's house, I saw many types of flowers growing there with different colors so I Really interested in the flowers there so took the opportunity to be able to snap some pictures of them.

All right, friends, let's take a look at the interesting flower pictures that I have photographed.

There are some pretty interesting pictures of bougenville flowers that I have taken. At that time I was in my brother's yard. I sat on the terrace and could see this flower directly from the terrace of the house.From the color display, of course I am very interested in seeing it because it has sufficient brightness to see details.

Trumpet flowers are also a good type of flower.This flower is bright yellow and shaped like a trumpet.

Two pictures of roses, Roses are flowers that are common among the people. Ordinary roses are also symbolized by affection.There are several colors of roses so that people can choose according to their taste with roses.

Some of the pictures above I don't know the real name of the flower. I also photographed the flowers in my brother's yard

Alright all friends, those are some display pictures that can be shared today. Hopefully with some pictures that can make us entertained. Thank you and see you later in my next post.

Camera UsedCanon
Model600 D
LocationAceh, Indonesia
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