The atmosphere around Malikussaleh Airport, North Aceh Regency

Hello all friends, How are you today, hopefully we are all still in good health and can participate in activities smoothly.

On the occasion of today I want to show some pictures that I took around an airport in the area where I live. I went to Malikussaleh airport in North Aceh district. The distance between this airport and where I live is about 15 km. That afternoon, I went with friends to enjoy the atmosphere around the airport. When we were around the airport there were not a single plane in the airport but outside the airport fence many people were hanging out while enjoying the drinks that were there.

Malikussaleh Airport is not an international airport, but only an airport that connects several areas in Aceh Province and North Sumatra. More precisely, this airport is located in the Muara Batu sub-district in North Aceh District, Aceh Province. In the afternoon, many people enjoy the atmosphere of this airport because outside the airport there is a canteen where you can sit and enjoy a drink while looking at the airport's airfield. Usually in the morning there is one plane that stops at this airport but after that they already have flight hours again and in the afternoon like the one we visited there was not a single plane there. All right, friends, let's see some of the pictures that I have prepared.

the picture of Indonesia was taken from outside the airport fence and we can see that outside the fence there are also many parked vehicles from the people who enjoy the atmosphere there. there is provided a canteen outside the airport fence, so every evening there are lots of people, both young people and young people who enjoy a good atmosphere with friends or family.

I also took the two pictures above in the airport field. I don't know what this function is for but I see how beautiful it is by standing firmly in the area of ​​the airport's airfield.

Then I also took a picture of the inscription as in the picture above which is located around the airport at Malikussaleh airport too. Then there are also a few concrete buildings around the field. I also took a few pictures.

The size of the spotlight is also quite large. Take this shot from a great distance.

This is the pamphlet from the name of the airport, this vampire is at the entrance to the airport and next to the pamphlet is a stall like the one I wrote above that many people visit .

Some other pictures I took from outside the airport fence. This is an airport in North Aceh Regency and this is also one of their proud airports.

Alright all friends, that's some display pictures that I can share today, Hopefully this picture can make all of our friends entertained and become beautiful pictures for us to see.Thank you to all my friends who have seen my posts and supported me, That's all for today and see you later in my next post.

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LocationAceh, Indonesia
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