Land Preparation for Giant Shrimp Cultivation

Hello friends, how are you guys today, hopefully today we are still in good health and can participate in activities smoothly.



Today I want to tell you a little about land preparation in carrying out the fish farming process. In fish farming, of course, we must prepare the land so that the land where we keep fish contains a lot of natural food as additional feed for the biota we want to maintain. So this time I want to show some pictures about the process of applying dolomite lime and the process of applying fertilizer to the pond. Actually, our pool is still very simple because it is still very manual in doing everything and as we can see when the pool is draining we also can't dry the father until it runs out so there is still residual flow in the pool. Actually, for land preparation we have to dry the pond or dry the bottom of the pond until the soil at the bottom of the pond looks cracked. So yesterday we didn't have time to do that because the condition of our pond was not very good and the weather was always rainy and we had been determined that in the next few days there would be shrimp seeds arriving so we had to hunt down our work to finish it quickly. So we don't wait for the soil to dry until it cracks, we immediately turn the soil over using a hoe and then we spread dolomite lime and fertilizers that are already available here.

The purpose of giving dolomite lime is so that the PH of the water and the PH of the soil are maintained in accordance with the needs of the receivables that we maintain and can also help in growing natural food so that when we spread shrimp into the pond and the shrimp there is additional feed, namely natural food that grows in the pond. As for the distribution of fertilizers as well as natural feed growth and to make the soil more fertile and fast growing natural feeds in the form of phytoplankton or zooplankton. So after we did this we waited for a few days for us to fill the water and at the time of filling the water later we will also check again how the pH level is in the pool if the PH is still not as we want then we will add it again so that the water in the pond has the right ph for the biota that we maintain.













Maybe in the last few days our activities are always preparing the land in terms of fish or shrimp cultivation in your workplace. Our workplace is one of the fish nurseries owned by the North Aceh district government service, so actually we are only here to reproduce fish seeds but there are some ponds that are not being used so we will try to do giant prawns, because we are tired of being wrong. One shrimp that lives in fresh water then also has a high economic value so that it is easy to get tired we can maintain and it is very easy to sell.

Maybe here are some pictures from our activities that day, hopefully friends can see how our activities are and the prayers from friends for us so that in the process of rearing shrimp it will be successful and successful. In writing this article I used my own language and then I translated it into English with Google translate, so if there are wrong words, please forgive me because it was really unintentional. A big thank you to all my friends in the community who have encouraged and supported me. Thanks.


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