A Visit To The Hospital And Enjoy The Fresh Air

Hello friends, how are you all today, hopefully on this happy day we are still in good health and can participate in activities smoothly.



Today I went a little further than the previous days, because today we visited a hospital in the city of Lhokseumawe, this hospital is about 45 km from where I live. We left at 11.00 pm and came back at around 05.00 pm, during our visit here we invited some friends to go together to the sick person's place to visit him. When I came home at 05.00 pm I was a little tired because I was gone all day so when I got to my residence I rested for a while and now I just woke up. When I woke up I heard the sound of rain pouring down on our residence, and it seems that for tonight we can't go out because the road is very muddy and muddy. So when we got to the hospital this afternoon I took some pictures of the hospital, both from the front yard of the hospital which was so sunny today and I also took some pictures of the small garden in front of the hospital room. the. When we came home from the hospital we also stopped at a shop on the beach which could see the wide view and I also saw a large ship in the middle of the sea. While enjoying the sea conditions we also ordered drinks to relax while enjoying the beautiful scenery around the sea. Well my friends all I will show you some pictures that I have prepared for all of you.



We can see the view from the hospital, the parking lot is very congested and we can see that the weather here this afternoon was very sunny so we can see that it's not possible to rain here, but when we got home we didn't know whether it was raining there as well. us or not.







Some pictures of the small garden inside the hospital, I saw there were very fertile flowers planted and there were some bonsai that looked very interesting for us to see. Looks like the bonsai here have not been trimmed because I see that the leaves are still not neat, I really like this nation when it is trimmed in a neat round so that it can make the garden look better.





A ship in the middle of the sea I can see clearly in the stall on the beach, the stall there is made high so that we can enjoy the extraordinary beauty of the sea there. Under this shop there is also sea water when high tide because this shop is made high with several sturdy poles so this place is very good for us to visit to enjoy the atmosphere of the air in the sea.









We ordered drinks while enjoying the conditions at the sea and I also shared some pictures of the stalls made of so sturdy wood and so many chairs prepared for the visitors. But today the situation is also quiet because today is not a holiday, but this beach when on holiday has extraordinary visitors to enjoy the sea, both people who visit with their families or with friends.


All right, friends, maybe those are some of the pictures that I have prepared on this happy day, hopefully with these pictures, all of you can enjoy them. In writing this article I used my own language and then I translated it into English via Google Translate, so if there are wrong words, please forgive me because I didn't do it on purpose. Thank you to all friends in the ASEAN community, hopefully we are always in good and healthy condition and can also participate in activities smoothly and everything will be made easier. Thanks.


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