The little ones

I have had a really busy day. Super duper busy. It is a Thursday again. Time passes so quickly that, it feels that time moves so fast. Another Thursday again. I am having holiday class with kids learning English at the moment.

I hope that your having a great day at the moment. I took some photos of the class. School is in another two weeks. Parents are currently sending them over just to enrich their English.


He's currently 7 years old. He's got such a super star look.

Older kids

These are my older students. They are busy doing their exercises. There are four types of areas that I usually focus on; writing, speaking, comprehension and listening. The essential skills needed in the new era.

The girl on the right

I've been teaching her since she was 6. It's been four years and currently she is already 10. Time flies.

Her brother

I've been teaching him for the last four years. He going into secondary school next year. He's getting better in academics.

Small kids

The most active group. We have to be really patient when teaching them. They just love to move around but they do their work. Afterall, they are still kids. Kids are active little humans.

He's the youngest one

He's only 6 years old.

Busy doing work

It's important to train them when they are still little as they are still able to easily remember lots of stuff. Then get their basic understanding of the language strengthened.

Bigger kids

Everyone is busy. All of them doing their work. The future of the country and the future workforce. Their future is at stake. The parents here in Miri are super duper competitive when it comes to learning. They spend a lot of time making sure that their kids are busy and not idling whenever there isn't a need to.

These kids have a lower attention span so after a while, maybe around one hour and the half, the have a bit of food. Then, they can just enjoy a bit of playing with their friends. Builts good memories for them too.

My wife

She's busy teaching the little ones. I am the one who handles the bigger kids all the way to teenagers. Guide them and make sure that they do well in their academics as well as life.

Hope that you enjoy reading this. Have a great day.

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