Sushi goodness at Sushi Mentai

Good morning.. How are you? It's been a while since I last posted. I am currently on my way back to Malaysia from Thailand. It's been a great few days in Thailand. Definitely the land of the smiles. Will be updating on my whole trip in Thailand soon. Been so busy driving around Thailand and traveling around. Anyways, today, I am going to be posting about one of my favourite Sushi joints here in Miri.

Good Sunday. How has everything been for you? Is everything great? Are you having a great time?

Sushi Mentai

The Sushi 🍣

Salmon on rice is definitely one of the most craved sushi dishes out here that I definitely love to eat. The raw salmon on top sticking to the rice.

Why do I love eating sushi at Sushi Mentai? It's of great quality as well as affordable. Super duper delicious. The wasabi that hits the brain shocking it is definitely something to look for.


This is definitely something to look forward to at any sushi joint. The wasabi. Dip the sushi in it for that amazing taste.

Beancurd on the outside

Rice on the inside. The salad sauce to top it off.

Mayo Salad sushi

This is a must try if you ever go to any sushi joints here in Miri. The sushi with mayo on top shaped like a little flower. One bit and the different flavors burst out.

The owner

He's quite strict with the quality as I see him work. He's busy commanding his employees making sure that they do a good job.

Fried shrimp 🍣

Tempura 🍤 on rice . A must have if you are here. Delicious fried shrimps.

The Sashimi

This is definitely one plate that I enjoy eating. Super soft sushi. Dip it in wasabi and you have that mouth watering goodness..

My wife taking her time to choose her items on the menu that she wants. Usually I let her choose. I just eat. So that takes off the decision making for me. Hehehehe.. 😊😊😊

Some more fried tempura

Mouth watering crispy tempura. Prawns and more prawns. 🍤🍤🍤

Some special orders from the kitchen

Made to order, these are some of the stuff we ordered other than the ones we got from the conveyor belt. There is a conveyor belt that circles around everyone. If you see something delicious, just go and grab it.

The there are these delicious oysters

It's not easy to get oyster based dishes here in Miri so having them at a sushi shop . Crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. That's what this taste like.

A bowl of 🍜 ramen

Curry ramen. My wife ordered this.

This is our trip to Sushi Mentai. One of my favourite Sushi restaurants here in Miri. Definitely worth a visit if you decide to in the future. Have a great day and thank you very much for reading my post.

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