Running "What Sports Do You Play/Enjoy?"

@Justinparke is really good at hosting competitions. It is currently @asean.hive 's 13th challenge.

"What Sports Do You Play/Enjoy?"

If you love to workout be it any type of sport, do join this contest and let us all have a look at the type of sports that you love.

I love running as well as doing strength training. I've been running for more than a decade. If I could run everyday, I would definitely do that. I am @luueetang and today I am going to introduce to you my love for running. I go running usually on weekends as my other days are usually packed and I do weighted workouts at home. It is a Saturday again, it's the day for me to get some running done later in the afternoon. I usually go running at around 4 PM.

Presenting to you the longest jogging track in Sarawak. This track is 2.5KM in total for one round. I usually try to run three rounds here. On average, I run around 6 km to 7 km. I use to be a lot faster but due to Covid and lockdowns, I still need a bit of time to improve on my pace.

My wife @janicetan as she walks down this infinite track.

It's scary isn't it to see no ending. This section of the park is around 1.7KM. By evening, it's full of people. All eager to get their working mojo up. Miri is one of the cities where a majority of people love to exercise be it hiking, jogging, gym, badminton, tennis, basketball, martial arts, MMA and many more. Evenings after work is usually for workouts. Many fitness places are full.

Night lamp

The best time to run here is around evening close to 6PM. This is the newer section of the whole park. The lights are up but haven't had any electricity yet. The other part of the park is well lit at night. At night even at 8PM, there are still many who come here to workout. Addiction to exercising. I guess.

Silhouette of people

Full of people eager to go for a challenge.

Nice buildings to look at while jogging or even walking. It's good to just get some workouts even if it's a stroll to get the heart muscle strong.

Some houses

That house is quite nice but I think it's unoccupied. Not sure where the occupants went.

The way back is as long.

If you have survived the first section of this track, there is the path to go back to the place where you came from. Once your here, you have no choice but to get back from the place where you came from.

Last weekend stats

3KM Saturday

I did 30 minutes stroll before I went for this 3KM because I wanted to film the whole track. Will be sharing the video soon to let you have a look at what it feels like to complete the whole 2.5KM. I usually aim for three rounds. My secret to running is to start slow and not sprint when you start or else your energy drops pretty fast. Do slow runs first and get the muscle warmed up and gradually increase speed. My speed for those 3KM/ 7 minutes 6 seconds per kilometres. I used to run at a speed of 6 MINUTES per kilometre. Will slowly improve on that.

Sunday 5.92KM total run

44 minutes. It usually feels superb to run. After that I hit the showers. It feels super duper great. I would run for as long as I can. Maybe till I am 80 in the future.

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