NAAFI - Get your British food here

Hi hi.. Thank you for reading this post. It's a Tuesday.. We are in the second week of November and in a couple of weeks time, we are heading into 2023. Time flies. Today, I am going to introduce you to one of my favourite British stores here in Brunei. This is where everything here is British and imported directly from the UK. This place is located near the British army camp here in Brunei. The army gets a special price. For non army personnel, the price is an add of another 20% . But some of the imported stuff are still cheaper than the ones in Malaysia.


Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes

It's been a while since I came here. Before pandemic hit, whenever I visit Brunei, this is one of those places that I would definitely visit. Check out what they have.


The frozen pizza here is cheap. At times, I bought a couple of boxes. Then when I get hungry, I would just put one in the air fryer and heat it. Delicious.


Planes that import food in the the United Kingdom have an onboard fridge. They even fly in live poultry at times.

The cafeteria

One thing you won't get here is alcohol. There is coffee. Fresh brewed. Sitting here enjoying a cup of coffee while having that in the UK vibe.

My wife and my sis in law

Lots of imported stuff to buy.

Viennetta ice cream

Got these for BND 5 although it's 4 for non British personnel. In Malaysia, that same ice cream cost about BND 10.86. That's a double of price.

Different chocolates and candies.

Nestle Malaysia manufactures a lot of the same brand and chocolates but just having that made in the UK printed on it makes it feel special to eat. It has that different taste too. In Malaysia, chocolates have palm oil content.

UK souvenirs

Some NAAFI tea. Puzzle and cups. The items here regularly change so it's not always cups nor puzzles.

Limited edition

Nescafe gold blend. Being a coffee fanatic, coffee is something I always look at whenever I got to any supermarket.

Lots of people were here

They even have frozen bread and ice from the UK. haha.. I wonder why. Those I would not buy here.

Original Cool Doritos

My favourite corn snack. Malaysia doesn't make Doritos and usually also import them as well. Cost a lot. 4 plates of Chicken Rice = the price of a packet of Doritos in Malaysia ( Sarawak that is)

Deep pan Pizza

Ahh.. Delicious pizza. Hope that you enjoy this tour of Naafi.. do drop by and get some imported stuff if you do visit Brunei. Have a great day..

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