My house in Brunei

I am going to bring you to my house in Brunei. Just joking. I wanted to make you feel amazed at first and then you'll say.. This guy has clickbaited me. This is the Thai embassy in Brunei. It's like a palace. I brought my wife here to get her visa to enter to Thailand in a couple of months. So we have to get the visa done ahead of schedule.

Welcome to the Thai Embassy here in Brunei

It is first of all huge and beautiful. So much real estate. It is super duper clean. Brunei is a super duper clean country. Definitely some parts have some litter but most of Brunei is super duper clean. I drove all the way from Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia to here which took about 2 hours.

There is a pond in the middle of the embassy.

Imagine living here.

The hallways of the building

The floors have nice tiles. The staff here only work for a half day. 8 to 12. Yes. 8 to 12. Then they go home.

The visitor area

That is where you walk to enter the embassy. Some houses here are like this.

The wooden ceiling and the entrance has that unique Thai design. Most Bruneian offices do not have that extra triangular window just above the doors.

Heading to the visa department

On the left was where the visa department was. We handed in the passport paid the fees and wait for a couple of days before getting the passport back.

The view of the outer building.

I guess those who work here everyday would first have this beautiful view. Then the air con inside is super duper cold. I felt like a VIP as I walked into that entrance. Embassy cars here have a special plate.

Wish you have a great day. This is not my house. I would have love it if this was. But imagine only me and my wife living here. It would be scary at night. Hahaha.. Just a dream, I guess.

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