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A new challenge by @justinparke. Justin knows me very well and my love for tortoises. These are my two tortoises.

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Meet Red Foot

The newest family member. I've had it for more than a month. It has grown heavier and increased in length as well. Red Foot's are tropical tortoises that is an endemic species native to Brazilian rainforest. Red spots are found on its limbs and its head with yellowish patches.


Meet my Red Foot tortoise. I haven't given it a name because it's too early to know its gender. It's length when it grows up to adulthood is around 30 cm. I would have to prepare a place in my garden by then. At this point of time, it sleeps in a wooden enclosure in a room. The advantage of having it in a room rather than outdoors to for it to maintain heat. If you want to have reptiles as pets, there are two crucial things needed; 1. Light intensity 2. Temperature


It is turning one in a couple of months. This is the Sulcata which is the third largest tortoise in the world. My Sulcata is currently around 3.5 inches long and weighs in at 150 grams. The first thing I expect it to do every morning is for it to pooop. If the weather's cold, there are chances that it doesn't poop on that day. Somehow, it needs heat in order for it to poop. They poop a lot. Sulcata needs to be dry all the time, doesn't need to drink. It gets hydrated from the food that is soaked.

Red Foot


In a couple of months, the shell starts to split and there would be more blacks than yellows.

Red Foot before it sleeps
Sometimes, I will feed it before it goes to bed if I noticed that it did not eat enough during the day. Tortoise pellets are usually soaked in water before feeding. I usually spend around half an hour every morning to check on them first before I proceed with other stuff.

Old Baby loves to do this

It's getting a shape of a ball. The way it walks is like how a boss walks into to office.

The little one in the house

Sometimes, in the afternoon, my wife puts it in the living room. Air conditioning off. African Spurred tortoises aka Sulcata doesn't like the cold. It loves heat.

The size of it in comparison with my wife's palm

It's skin is still shedding. Growing.



Every other day, I soak the Sulcata. This is to make sure that it urates and also to have it hydrated. Only 15 minutes maximum. Doesn't want it to have fluid overload in its system.

Red Foot soaking


Usually, this is just to have it hydrated and a bit of cleaning. Red Foot's usually love to urinate with a pungent smell. Their poop are slightly more watery. I have a spoon to remove those poop.

Well, these are my pets. I hope that you enjoy looking at this post. If there is anything you would want to know about having tortoises. Do ask in the comment.

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