Driving along Brunei highway

The ambience. The sounds of the pavement. I love to drive. Exploring the city. Day turns to night. Along the highway are streets lights that lit up. The night skies. Brunei's roads are super smooth and it feels like flying driving along these roads.

It's been raining a lot here in Miri. Being around the tropical region of the world. It's rain or sun everyday for 365 days. No snow. I guess, it's great if you love to do outdoor activities from time to time. hehe..

These are snapshots of what the roads look like in Brunei Darussalam

Evening drive

The smooth highways of Brunei. For hundreds of Kilometres, these are the smooth buttery smooth roads of Brunei. No tolls. The government funds all of these roads.

Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Hajah Saleha Bridge

One of the magnificent bridges in Brunei Darussalam. I flew my drone here last year. There is a water village nearby here. Brunei is clean.

The sun set

Driving as the sun is about to set. Golden coloured sun. It's amazing to see the sun setting.

Straight roads down

Everyone's had their headlights switched on. Driving towards their destination wherever that would be.

Driving on wet roads

Something about this picture that makes it look so futuristic.

The colours of the sky is just so beautiful. The different shades of orange with indigo highlights in the background. Looks as though an alien invasion is about to happen.

Do you enjoy driving? Especially with music playing in the background. I hope that you have enjoyed looking at the pictures. The next post that I am going to write is part of my travel post. hehe.. =)

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