Chicken chop fried rice

Hi hi... It's me... @luueetang. Hope that your doing well and great. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I recently ate breakfast at


A new restaurant that has just opened for business. I am going to introduce this place to you. I haven't touched my laptop for a week. Time flies. It has been a week since I left Miri. Going to be going back to Miri and start working hard again.

A bowl of 🍜 chicken soup noodles

A warm bowl of chicken soup noodles is definitely the best way to start off the day. Warm hot spicy soup. Soupy vermicelli.

My wife ordering for us

Nowadays, I leave the food ordering part to my wife so every meal feels amazing as you won't know what your gonna get.

The menu

The best thing about this menu is that it has lots and lots of pictures to look at. I have recently been to Thailand and speak no Thai. So, I found that menus with pictures are basically great.

The second storey

Some artificial plant foliage on the second floor. To give you that natural vibe.

Their cashier

The nicely designed cashier counter.

A cup of sugarless coffee

Delicious sugarless coffee. They type of coffee that I usually op for instead of having lots of sugar. Sugarless coffee usually test the skill of the brewer. If it is tasteless, it means that the coffee isn't enough.

Fried rice with chicken chop

A plate of fried rice. Some tomatoes and cucumbers and a piece of chicken chop. Pretty crispy if you ask me. There are some shrimps on the fried rice. Delicious. Chewy. Greatness...

Some tomatoes and cucumbers to add on some fibres. I guess, we need some fibres for our body.

What my wife ordered

A plate of meat and eggs.

The price here is still affordable and it did not do too much damage to my wallet. The food here tastes salavory.

Hope that you enjoy reading this post. So sorry if I have not replied much. I am currently still on my trav holidays. Gonna start working hard soon. 😊😊😊 Wish you a great day.


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