Blocks - The fun of building "Show Us Your Hobbies"

A couple of days ago, @justinparke launched a new contest. Writing about our hobbies. Hobbies are pleasurable events in life and everyone has a unique hobby. For me, I love to collect toys other than writing and creating videos on YouTube.

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"Show Us Your Hobbies"


These are some of the projects that I've done so far this year. I still have a couple of them in my display that I have not sorted out yet. I love to take stuff and slowly built them upwards and see what they become. I guess, toy bricks never get old. Sometimes, I've had times when I mislooked at some of the steps and the bricks whole entire section comes out wrong. So I had to dismantle for an hour the one hour I took to built it. Sometimes, some instruction books have wrong instructions or some bricks look different.

The white bearbricks


70 cm tall

This is one of the biggest I've built so far. It is quite heavy at around 6 kgs. It took me a month to built but I just did it leisurely. I think it was more than 3000 pieces. The bricks for this piece are interlocked tightly and to remove each individual part takes a lot of time. I have a room where I display most of the sets I've done. In my room, up my wardrobe, there is a section for toys. I've got toys from Disneyland Tokyo, Singapore, Taipei, Australia, Portugal, peculiar toys, strange toys. I will do a toy showcase when I am free.

Mickey mouse and Daisy duck

The dinosaur guards them.

A part of a building section that resembles parts of a city.

Nowadays, I usually work on harder projects that have more than 2000 pieces. After so much practise, 2000 pieces can be done in less than 5 days.

Bearbrick astronaut


I did this two months ago. Then there is a smaller Stella in front. I did that while I was watching some show on my laptop.

Squid Game bearbricks

One of the soldiers in Squid game.

The colourful bearbricks

Thug life glasses. Usually, most bearbricks don't have eyes.

Usually, there are extra bricks that I've kept in a box. I haven't had time to think of what I could built with this yet.

My current project is this Bear Book
2622 pieces. I've almost completed it.


These are the small little bear bricks that will be displayed in the bearbook.

The Bear Book
Yes, it has that Bear theme.

This is currently what it looks like
Almost completed. I've done parts wrongly although it is not visible here. But I've fixed those parts.

This is where the individual bearbricks go once it is done.

There is one lonely one upside down.

After completing this project, this is going to be my next project.

The bear robot. Half bear, half robot. I still have some boxes left that I will be working on once I've completed this. Where do I put all these completed brick projects of mine? In a room. Next time, if the whole cabinet gets fully occupied, I will take a picture of the whole collection. This is one of my hobby that I do almost every single day. If I complete all of these, I will be taking a short break, doing some drawing and then go buy new ones.

Hope to see all of your different hobbies soon.

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