@asean.hive has just launched a new challenge. Hi hi.. It's me @luueetang. Do you like eating food? I guess, everywhere in the world, there are different types of food. Some are delicious to locals but are bizarre.

Bizzare food

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Sarawak is home to a lot of bizarre food. There is the rice wine, yes. Wine that is fermented from rice. Organically made. But that is a post for another day.

The first ultimate bizzare food is going to be...


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This was in a sushi shop a while ago. I did not go and try because I did not want to taste these worms. These are sago worms found in sago trees. Pull them out and you can basically eat them raw. The juice just explodes in the mouth. I did not take the photo above but I have to share it. The ones below I've taken pictures of.

Fried dumplings

I am sure you don't see these everyday. Usually, dumplings are soft, chewy and hot. These are crispy. They are fried. Would you want to try one? They are quite delicious, if you ask me. You can go search the internet all you want, but you will not find this exact picture. I guess, this lady made this look like spider webs.

Oyster omelette

These are my personal favourite. I don't know if it's bizarre enough. Usually, in many places around the world, oysters are eaten directly raw. These are fried with omelette. Delicious.

Abalone rice dumplings

A locally created creation. People here just love creating new types of food. The middle part is the abalone. It is a type of seafood that is closely related to the oyster but are different I guess in terms of species. This is very rare and I guess, bizzare.

Inerts soup

A lot of the soup is made with ingredients that are inerts. My wife loves to eat this. The smell usually is hard for me to try. Can you spot the intestine?

Fried salted egg bitter gourd

Bitter gourd that taste like french fries. Salted egg. It taste bitter, crunchy, slightly salty. Usually, you'll need rice with this.

Roti Jantan

Male Roti. This originates from India. But now, localized. The roti is first grilled. Then, this guy flips it around and then you've got a plate of delicious roti. Then put two eggs on top of that. One great breakfast.

Brinjals / eggplant

I just don't love brinjals. No brinjals for me. Too soft.

Hope that you enjoy looking at some of the bizarre food of Sarawak. I hope that you enjoy your day.

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