Farewell Uncle

(My aunt giving her final kiss for my uncle)
Thank you so much for always helping my parents when you were strong, and I was staying far away from my parents home, always tries to get my parents out and treat them a good meal whenever you cross states for work purposes, knowing we tried to save money and be thrifty by eating at home all the time.
Thank you for even helping out to drive my parents over to my new place when they moved over while I was fixing everything ready at the new place, knowing I have a small car and couldn't get everything needed in time.
Uncle, you are not perfect, we all aren't, there are always good days and bad days, and we all too made our mistakes
But I am really glad that your family finally came together to be able to say goodbye to you.
We will see you when we see you, when our time comes, but we are glad that you are now in the eternal Home in Heaven, paved with gold, and in the arms of the One Who loves you.

Rest in peace.

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