Harvest season is here, Farmers are happy

hello all my dear friends wherever you are.

today I will invite all of you to see how happy the farmers in remote villages are when the harvest season arrives.

for people living in rural areas, rice fields are one of their most promising sources of income and economy to sustain their lives.

in one year the villagers can harvest their rice twice, and at the end of this year they have started their second harvest.

there is nothing happiest for them except to see the rice in their fields can be harvested, it means that their sweat and hard work has paid off.

today I went to help my Uncle harvest his rice in the fields, and what I show today is the traditional way of harvesting rice using human power.

indeed for now modern technology has entered the village, many farmers have used machine technology to cut their rice, and if you walk to the farmers' fields, it's not surprising that you will see lots of rice cutting cars going back and forth cutting farmers' rice. .

however, there are some farmers who have to harvest their rice in the traditional way, that's what my uncle did.

It's not that my uncle doesn't want to keep up with technological developments, but his lowland and slightly muddy rice fields force him to harvest rice traditionally.

actually harvesting rice is more efficient using a rice cutting machine, compared to using human power, in addition to saving costs, cutting rice using a machine will save working time.

All right, I'll take you all to my Uncle's rice field and see what I do there.

The first thing I saw when I arrived at the rice fields were some women cutting the rice, which was left uncut in the morning.

they are laborers who are paid by my uncle to cut his rice at a decent wage.

there is also a young man who is carrying rice that has been cut to be taken to be collected somewhere.

The transported rice was arranged very neatly in the form of a circle, because I was curious about how to arrange it, so I asked my uncle's permission to help arrange the rice that had been transported by the worker.

it turns out that to arrange the rice requires skill and a little more strength, I feel sore in my hands, and have to stop doing it.

but I went to see how the workers collect the rice that has been cut, and put in sacks, then lifted to the collection point.

Despite working very tiredly, a happy smile still shines on the face of my uncle's wife, who has been waiting for 4 months and now the rice can be harvested.

because at this time it was the rainy season, so the rice fields that I had to go through were very muddy and that made me have to be careful when helping them work.

it turned out that what they were doing was very heavy, I tried to lift a few piles of rice but it didn't work, but I was a little surprised to see the extraordinary power of the workers and it seemed they lifted the pile of rice very easily.

and look after everything is done then the rice has been collected all, and arranged with a slightly higher size.

After collecting everything, I have to close the pack in its entirety. If it rains at night, the rice that has been collected will not get wet in the rain.

and for the next day the rice threshing period will come.

being in the rice fields in the afternoon, of course, you can see the extraordinary natural beauty, the cold wind blows into the heart, the sun also smiles a little when he wants to rest.

that's all from me today, I hope you guys can take some benefits from my review.

greetings from me


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