Free Tree Ads - LOL πŸ˜‡πŸ˜„

Today, I put up ad boards on trees. I put 10 boards in different locations on the side of the street.
In the rainy season, it is hard to do business because I have no rented space to sell my products. Rain becomes a problem for me. I tried to squeeze my head to find ideas about what to do to make money.
I had an idea. I tried to offer private class teaching for students. The question was, "How do I get my clients? Finally, I followed the people who had done this kind of advertising. Putting up ad boards on trees on the side of the streets.
I made 10 boards. I sprayed with airbrush paint, and I thought the result was OK.
This afternoon, I rode my motorcycle, bringing a hammer and nails. I put up 10 ad boards in different locations.
I have a target of putting 50 ad boards on trees in the future. I just want to see how free tree ads work for promoting my service.
Fortunately, there are some free areas that are not owned by anyone, so my boards will not be taken off. I made the boards from plywood with a white surface, so I just need to paint them black.

In the centers of cities, putting ads on trees is prohibited by the local government. However, I live far from the city so that I am still able to find free space for putting on my ad boards.
That is a fun story of today .. LOL , what do you think of putting ad boards on treesβ€”is it prohibited in your country?

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