A Tourist Site That Is Not Well Managed

Situ Cibeureum in Bekasi is a tourist site that is not well managed.
The location is in Mustika Jaya, Bekasi.
I rode my motorcycle on Sunday with my son. I decided to go to Situ Cibeureum. Situ is a Sunda language that meas a lake.
The ride took me an hour. I looked for a parking space to take some photos. At the location, there were many riders who parked on the road on the bank of the lake.
On the side of the road, there are big trees that make the air fresh. However, on the side of the road, there are many buildings made of bamboo and wood that are not neatly arranged.
On Sunday, there could be more than 1,000 visitors who want to enjoy the cool air on the side of the lake. You can see in the picture above, I came here at around 11 o'clock.
The semi permanent buildings on the bank of the lake are food counters that offer various menus like satay, bakso, and grilled fish. Some people stopped here just to have a cup of coffee. I ordered a cup of coffee and some snacks with my son.
There are no clean public toilets here, I just found one.
Here is the door of the public toilet. On the door was written Berak :Poop and Kencing :Pee 3000. You should pay 3000 IDR or $0.2 for pooping and pee. 😏😏
I did not think I needed to pee on the location.
There was also a fun boat that was moving on the lake. I was not sure how much a passenger should pay for the ride on the boat.
I got down to the lake. I took photos of some amazing views of the lake, but the banks of the lake looked dirty with some garbage.
This is the look of the lake on the other side. There are many semi permanent buildings made of wood and bamboo on the side of the lake. Those are food sellers that sell some menus.
There were many visitors this morning.
Cibereum is always crowded on weekends. There are thousands of people visiting here. I think this is a tourist site that will bring in a high regional income if managed properly. However, I don't know if the government officials may be sleeping in a five-star hotel or busy campaigning to get them re-elected in the general election.

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