500 Hive Power Delegated To Asean Hive Community

I would like to say thanks to justinparke. He brings the community alive. He always gives comments to almost all the authors in the Asean Hive community.

Before, I joined this community, I searched for communities that I could share local content. I tried to join a community from my country, but it looked like it was not active. There were only a few authors. The engagement was also low.

I dropped by the Asean Community a few months ago. I decided to join. I was warmly welcomed. I delegated small power. Then I felt at home in the community. I delegated more power. Now, 500 hive powers are delegated to @asean.hive .

What are the advantages of delegating power to asean.hive?

Hive blogging is different from self hosted blogging. Power is one of the indicators of success on this platform. Gaining power solely is hard work. Crowd power is the solution. With great power, the Asean hive can provide greater rewards to qualified authors. Therefore, authors will be more motivated to create more varied and higher quality content.

Good quality content, and high engagement rates will attract curators to the Asean hive. The more curators who join, the more authors will get a bigger reward.
I don't know the exact date on which the Asean Hive Community was founded, but this community is still relatively young. I think there should be an anniversary for the Asean Hive Community.

500 Hive Power is nothing if I am alone. However, if there are 100 members with 500 Hive Power, there will be 50,000 Hive Power.

A community will be big when its members provide support, even if it is small. Don't be discouraged by little support.


A broomstick
Source :Bali Housekeeping

In the broomstick philosophy, a stick will not clean a dirty yard. But when hundreds of sticks are tied together, it will become a broomstick. A broomstick can clean dry leaves or garbage in our yard.

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