Adding a Twist to Every Woman's Best Friend: Hand-Painted Bags

Hello hivers! It's again the weekend. Aside from traveling and scratching those itching feet to go to some places, do you also find it fun to rather stay at home and do some activity you are most fond of and make your day productive? Like me, expect me to be holding my paintbrush the whole day and paint on whatever available material there is. There is no way for a lazy morning because whenever I feel like staying longer in bed on weekends, it's like my mind would just butt in and say " Hey! Let's do some bag paintings today".


To be honest, I am not that typical girl who is fascinated with bags for fashion. But I love painting on bags so I can give them as a present to my dear friends and family on special occasions. Aside from merely giving them bags, I want to make it more special by giving them a touch of my unique way of showing them how much they mean to me. So I paint on those bags.

With my purchased plain bags, paint brushes, acrylic paints, and a slice of a smile...


then I'm good to paint.


Because I love flowers, they are always one of my favorite subjects to paint. I just love how amazingly they remind us what a wonderful world it is. So I thought before they wither and die, why not immortalized their beauty in my artworks?

I have painted on abaca bags.
These large sizes of bags are just so perfect for matching with a girl's OOTD.





On bayong bags.
Adding a spice of glamour to these locally-woven bags to be flaunted by my girlfriends and show how rich and unique our own Filipino culture is.





On canvass bags.
Hoping somehow my paintings did add a flair to these plain tote bags.

This one is for my Mama because she loves birds.

Inspired by Studio Ghibli's Japanese animation movie, My Neighbor Totoro because it's my sister's favorite.








Giving an additional touch of beauty to these bags always delighted me. How much more if I see the genuine happiness of my loved one while carrying these hand-painted bags. I swear, it's priceless.

Mama is all smiles because she loves the bag so much and she thinks it looks good on her.

They say that a handbag is a woman's best friend. It is more than just carrying a simple thing around. It is carrying her world. May it be those fancy designer bags or the simple ones which are cheaply bought in our local markets, these bags are a girl's extension of her style, a fashionable reflection of who she is.

By yours truly.

For me, it's not the handbag. But the passion and effort I put on so much into making those bags more abled in alleviating my loved ones' moods and going on with their outfit of the day confidently, is the one that I blissfully carried in my heart. Seeing the smiles on their faces while carrying those bags, uplifts my soul.

Hand painting these bags have been my happy pill during those weekend that I usually spent alone. And knowing that the future owner of these bags will wholeheartedly embrace these gifts on their own, and treasure these belongings, is truly an honor.

I hope everyone's weekend will be as productive and as colorful as these hand-painted handbags. Until then my friends!

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