Story of me and my family part 12 : Loy Krathong Festival of Thailand in my district and activities that my family and I have been doing together on Loy Krathong this year.

Hello everyone.

✍️ Today is the Loi Krathong festival of Thailand. We have many Loi Katong activities today. After me and my wife had finished sending my son and granddaughter to school. My village has a Songkran festival parade from the village to the village temple in the evening. The village headman then announced through the village's loudspeaker this morning that any villagers had free time to help make decorations to decorate the back of a pickup truck to parade this evening.
This morning me, my wife and the villagers who have free time came to help make decorations for decorate the pick-up trucks used as a parade at the headman's house. Which most of them are old people in the village.
Due to making decorations with colored paper is a craft that requires elaboration. So we have to make decorations for a long time from morning to afternoon. But my wife and I back to home before finishing the parade decorations on the pickup truck at the headman's house. Because we have to pick up our son and granddaughter at school.
Today, I took photos of the atmosphere of the cooperation of the villagers in my village from morning to afternoon to share today too. Unfortunately, my family and I didn't join the parade from the village to the temple this evening. Because my autistic son doesn't like walking and doesn't like crowds and loud noises. So we didn't go anywhere.

✍️ Today we have 2 krathongs for float on the water tonight from the kids helping to do it at school. Afternoon after picking up the kids Back home, I prepared candles and placed them on the walls around the house and used ropes to tie the oil bottles to the sticks and stick them around the house for the traditional candle lighting tonight.
When the sky begins to darken. Me, my wife and granddaughter bring a floating kathong in a large black plastic basin. We do not go to natural water sources or rivers for fear that children will miss drowning. This year my family and I floated Krathong in a plastic basin at home.
After the floating krathong is finished. So I lit a candle that was prepared around the house. And so we played small firecrackers in the land around the house. This year's Loi Krathong for me and my family, even though we didn't go to Loi Krathong in any tourist destination but we were happy and smiling. Invite friends to see the atmosphere of Loy Katong this year of me and my family.

✍️ This is the story and all the activities that I and my family have done together in our Loi Katong festival this year. Have a good day. See you again. Thank you for your support and visiting my post. Bye 🤗

🌏 Fang District, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand.

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