A brief story of the Chinese people in the district where I live and nearby districts, and visit the chinese shrine in mai nong bua village.

Hello everyone. Fang district and chai prakan district are northern districts of chiang mai province, thailand. Both districts have many ethnic groups living in communities or villages within the area. And the chinese community living in these 2 districts is about 3 villages. All 3 villages in these 2 districts are yunnan chinese who have lived in thailand for a long time. People in the north of thailand call yunnan chinese "Haw".

The yunnan chinese living in fang and chai prakan district have the same culture, traditions and cuisine as the general chinese. Communication will be in chinese and thai.

Fang district will have two yunnan chinese communities is yang village and san makok wan village. And chai prakan district, there will be a community of yunnan chinese villages, 1 village, mai nong bua village.

I've shared stories and photos of yang village, yunnan chinese village. And the shrine, which is worshiped and is the place of religious ceremony and tradition of the people in this village last year. In addition, I have shared the atmosphere in the mai nong bua village last year as well.

But I have never been to and have never shared a shrine, which is a place for religious ceremony and traditions, of mai nong bua village. Yesterday, so me and my wife went to the Shrine of chinese in mai nong bua village and I took some photos in this shrine that I wanted to share with my friends. The atmosphere inside this shrine has many statues of chinese deities to worship, which is beautiful.

Invite everyone to watch and enjoy the atmosphere in this chinese shrine. Have a great day. See you again. Thank you for your support and visiting my post. Bye 🤗

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