The Breathtaking View of Mantayupan Falls

Few years ago, my former colleague had arrived home from Dubai. She'd left her previous employer (the company where we'd met) and applied for a job in Dubai and luckily she've found a good paying job there.

As she arrived home, she contacted and invited us to have a short trip in Barili, Cebu where Mantayupan Falls is located.

Since some of my friends and I love to travel well, obviously we grabbed the opportunity.


As we arrived in Mantayupan Falls, we saw this huge tarpaulin in the facade. We were excited to see the falls and of course to swim.


Have you seen the beautiful falls? There were many tourists roaming around since we went there on Saturday.


Before we'd finally saw the falls we passed by in this area. I don't know what's the name of this plant. We never left this area until we had a souvenir photo.


As we arrived, I found myself looking for the angle where I could took photo of the falls without photo bombers, luckily I found it.


Because of our excitement, we were directly went close to the falls without changing our clothes yet. We still had our bag.


And here's the jubilant faces of the wanderers. The water was so cold but we liked it and we enjoyed soaking our whole body on it.

The big rocks helped us to have this beautiful view.


But since everyone wanted to have a closer photo of the falls we never gave up until we had found it.

We'd tried in this area hoping that we could have a better view but we were not satisfied of it.


Until 1 of our friend suggested to transfer to another rock although it was smaller compared to the previous rock where we stood up, we'd tried to climb it there.

This is better photo with the falls.The beauty of the falls was fully captured.



I asked my friend to took a photo of me with the falls behind me.


At the end, we'd finally found the perfect angle.


The day was filled with laughters, new experienced, and meeting new people.

Although we rarely see each other since that time but the happy memories that we all shared together will surely stay in our hearts forever.

Thank you for reading and see you on my next blog. Cheers!


Namaste! I am fond of reading books, watching korean, american and filipino series/movies and I am also fond of gardening. I love listening to different life stories and I am always captivated with the beauty of nature so travel is my escape when life turns into blue. But hey, how could I forget my photography hobby? It is one of the best, so follow me as I will be featuring my experiences of the stuff that I am passionate with.

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