It is Damaged but still Beautiful: Visiting Dauin Hot Spring

Happy Thursday Hivers!

I often mentioned it here that nature has never failed to amaze me, from the beautiful landscapes in the mountains to the stunning beaches where the land meets the ocean. Undeniably, it always feeds my soul, rejuvenates my body, and brightens my day.


Last month, my travel buddy was quite busy, therefore I had no impromptu escapade to secluded places. She's the one who constantly take me to the wilderness. But 2 days ago, I found myself in the middle of the forest, lying down while enjoying the hot spring, the blue sky and the stunning view. My friend and I was spending a little of our time at Dauin Hot Spring. Today let me take you there virtually.


Dauin Hotspring is located under the jurisdiction of Dauin municipality. It is one of the well-known towns in Negros Oriental as the place has many beautiful diving sites. How long does it take to travel from Dumaguete City? Well, it only takes 30~45 minutes.

The surrounding was quiet as we arrived. I haven't seen anyone in the area except the brown dog who welcomed us the time we arrived.


At first he kept looking at me and never left my side maybe he can smell the food in my bag. But because I kept pushing him away, he walked ahead of me.


There is a decent pathway going to the spring but obviously, no one maintains the area.


This tourist spot was ran by the government but because of the pandemic, they have suspended operation until this time. It seems that the government has slowly abandoning the place.


Although there's no concrete pathway in this area but atleast a decent railing was provided. Bringing of children is not advisable here, it is too dangerous for them since next to the railing is already a deep cliff.


I was already panting and started to feel tired after we ├žlimbed to the hilly part but few minutes after I felt relieved as I slowly hearing the sound of the flowing water. I smiled while whispering, "we were almost there".


Finally, I already saw the flowing water. But the strange smell has started to follow me. What's that smell? The smells like rotten egg/ sulfur but oh I forgot, I am already in the hotspring.


The smell of the sulfur is the sole scent you could smell all over the place.


We continued hiking as the nice spot is located farther.


And few minutes later, I saw this smoky elevated area where the sulfur smell is overpowering. I held my breath while taking photos since the smell is untolerable.


Finally, we arrived at the place that my friend wanted to show me. The ambiance is indeed relaxing.

She asked me to get inside this small hole and instructed me to never immerse my feet in the water as the temperature is very hot. I can really feel it though I just stepped on the rocks.

I asked my friend to quickly take photo because of the untolerable hot temperature. The longest time I stayed there was 2 minutes but at that span of time I was already got sweat. This area is like a sauna but it is heated naturally.


While we were eating, my friend shouted, we forgot something. I said "What?". "We forgot to bring egg." Her reply. She wanted to do an experiment. She wanted to boil egg but unfortunately, we don't have one so maybe next time.


After eating, we drenched ourselves in the hot spring. I was already enjoying the water but my friend was still busy gathering rocks as she wanted to create DIY swimming pool­čść.




Photo below is not mine. It's my friend's photo. She shared this to me because she wanted me to see how organized and clean this hot spring before it was ruined by strong storm. But honestly, the hotspring is more beautiful today because of her natural beauty.


We left the place at exactly 4:00 in the afternoon since we still have work to finish. Although, we just spent 2 hours there but I was already contented as I was able to spend time with nature.


Thank you for reading and see you on my next blog. Cheers!

Watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.

Roald Dahl

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