Blog #86: Is Bad Event Really Bad?

The word bad in an English Dictionary means "not such as to be hoped for or desired, unpleasant or unwelcome". It is a word that everyone hates. If a child back-answers his parent when he gets scolded, elders say "the child has bad manners", and that, the parents should teach the child good manner. When we were late at work and have been scolded by our boss for the habitual tardiness, we will immediately say "oh it's a bad day". We want the day to end because it has already been ruined. And when it rains heavily, we normally complain about "bad weather" because it hinders our daily routine, it stops us from going outside or we get stuck at some place. Often, we whine over the bad things happening, may it be small or big.

If the word bad means unpleasant and unwelcomed, does it really mean it gives nothing good to us? Is it only wrapped with negatives, mistakes, failures, sorrows and pains? Let's check this out.

Two months ago, I went to Argao, it is located in the southern part of Cebu province. By the time I visited the place, the weather had changed and was not good. I thought I would not be able to enjoy the trip but I was wrong. I was still able to stroll around the town of Argao despite the "bad weather". I enjoyed the scenic beauty of Argao, the food and the people. After I had strolled around the town, I went to the beach. I only wanted to check their beach and to treat myself to some fresh air. As I arrived, I was well-entertained by the group of youngsters who had were enjoying skimboarding.

Despite the "bad weather", they did not perceive it as bad. They took it as an opportunity to improve their skimboarding skill, to enjoy their time with friends and to have a good physical and mental exercise.

They had never cared about the number of times they fell, the muscle pains they suffered and the unlimited failures they experienced. They were living and relishing that experience.

The thing they were more concerned about were the happiness they experienced, the skills they improved and the sense achievement they experienced after they were able to successfully do it.

I heard from one of the locals that this group of youngsters had already won in skimboarding competitions. Because of the bad weather they were able to develop and improve their skills. Would they then hate the bad weather? Apparently, they wouldn't. In fact, they loved it.

After I watched the group of youngsters do skimboarding, I strolled around. There were still many people at the beach who has enjoyed swimming.

And, Look at that child!!!! The little girl was not afraid of the big waves. She instead dipped herself in the water alone. Despite the rough water, she was enjoying playing. She did not perceive the bad weather as a hindrance to her little happiness.


Most of the time, people are reactive. We immediately complain whenever unexpected, bad or difficult things happen in our lives. Instead of realising that opportunity lies in the middle of difficulties we choose to complain. They say, EVERY ADVERSITY BRINGS WITH IT OPPORTUNITY.

Thank you for reading and see you on my next blog. Cheers!

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