Blog #85: Christmas Is In The Air: Why I Love Christmas?

Hey Hivers!

As much as possible, I will only go to the mall if it is necessary. I am not fully vaccinated yet so I choose to avoid in a crowded place.

But last week, I went to the mall to purchase a charger for my phone since my charger was already damaged. Though I can borrow a charger to any of the family members anytime but it is different if I have my own especially I travel often this time.

As I arrived outside the mall, I had felt the Christmas vibe around. I had seen many christmas lights and decors hanging outside.

The Christmas atmosphere of the mall reminds me that the Christmas season will come in the few months. Christmas songs were already played in the mall. Everytime I heard a Christmas song, it makes my heart pumps with joy. It changes my mood and my energy.

There are many things why I love Christmas but today I will share to you the few of it. It is not only the gifts that I received from my friends and famiy and the sumptuous foods in the dining table during Christmas Eve but it is about the art of giving and helping.


I would always love to get involved in the outreach program. Because I love service feeding sick elders, washing elder's dishes and giving elder's entertainment in the home for the aged during christmas is truly a fulfilling one.

The feeling of genuine happiness would I feel after the activity. Seeing them happy gave me a sense of achievement. A simple achievement. That even how gloomy their world in that place, we were able to let them smile.

Christmas is truly a magical one. It changes mood to everyone. This season eventually turn people into something better like; the stingy one becomes generous; the grumpy one becomes joyful; and the lazy one becomes helpful. Have you noticed that? Well, I do.

Thank you for reading and see you on my next blog. Cheers!

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