Blog #71: It's Friday Night: Partying @ Chill Ta Bai, Hilongos Leyte

Fridays and Saturdays are the liveliest nights of the week in Chill Ta Bai Restobar because of the live band. Guests from different places gathered together to chill and relax.

Hey Hivers!

It's been almost a year since we had closed the restobar due to pandemic. It was not gaining anymore because only few customers can get inside due to health protocols to be followed, strict curfew hour and lots of restrictions being implemented.

We could not survive financially if we will continue to operate it with only few customers were coming daily. It was not advisable to continue because of the bar's maintenance and has only very low income.


It really hurts because we worked hard so it would become progressive and all of a sudden it had gone. It's so painful at first because of so much hard work that we gave and everything went to waste. The day I left the place really broke my heart. I get depressed. But well, it is all part of a life cycle to normally go through hardships and difficulties.


When the bar was still operational before pandemic it was one of the liveliest place in town and well-visited especially during Fridays and Saturdays. It used to be crowded with youngsters who gathered together to have a great time. Everyone in the bar (all staffs) were all busy from 7:00 in the evening until 2:00AM. We could only relax after 2:00AM. But it gave amount of happiness and satisfaction because it was enjoyable looking after customers who were very satisfied with the service we gave them.

But sometimes we could not deny the fact that there were people who are very hard to please even after the good service we gave them. But that's normal in this business. They would have something bad to say about the service we gave them. Have you not encountered those kind of people? How did you handle them? Sometimes I would just smile but then there were times when things out of control and I had to back-answer them, of course in a good way.


In this kind of business, you will always encounter people who love to create trouble. It is a little bit scary, although we have bouncers. There was a time that a drunk customer created trouble inside the bar. He didn't listen to the bouncers and in fact he attempted to punch one of our bouncers. We could not control him anymore. So we took him outside the bar to make sure he could not disturb other customers. But he kept coming inside. After sometime we ran out of patience and we called to the police station and asked their assistance. Fortunately, they responded in time.


The police picked him up and locked him in a cell for that night so he could not create any further trouble. They just let him go on the next day. After that incident, I haven't seen that man in the bar. And I'm so thankful for it.


Another bad incident that I had encountered was when a drunk man was punched by someone whom he didn't know. He fell on the ground and one of the staff feared that he was dead because he fell asleep. However, he woke up after a few minutes and could not recollect the incident. The culprit had already run away after punching that man. Honestly, it was so stressful.


If there would be no pandemic this time, I would be already busy because it's Friday night and people were once again gather in Chill Ta Bai to drink and party. I miss that atmosphere.

Since it is still pandemic, I am in the house and there are no travels and party yet. How about in your place? Are you now partying on Friday night? Comment down below. I want to hear your story.

Some photos I used here are owned by @chilltabai1208.

Thank you for reading and see you on my next blog. Cheers!

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