Fishing During Night Time

Hi there #asean.hive community, I hope everyone is doing well and is safe wherever you are in the globe. For todays content I will be sharing these photos of fishermen who goes fishing during night time. Here in our small village in Alcoy most fishermen goes fishing during early evening or dawn specially if the skies were clear, and most of the time they consider the moon position as well, because one of my friend told me who is also a fisherman that fishes are attracted to the moon light the reason also why most traditional fishing boats have their own light lamps that are focused on waters to attract fishes which then goes up from the depth.

As you can see in the photos fishermen in our village just arrived from fishing and clearing things up before placing their fishing boat to the high grounds. As I go closer to them to see their catch they told me that they are not using fishing net instead they use a makeshift fishing rod.


They had a good catch actually they got a half a bucket of fish which they do not sell but rather for personal consumption alone as they told me.



On the same night I also find that the skies was so clear and gets even clearer with the moon light, so I decided to have a long exposure shots. And the result really amazed me check the photos below, seems like it was taken in a daytime. I'm really grateful to the natural lighting that the moon had.



Nikon D560050 - 140MMAlcoy, Cebu, Philippines

Above photos were all captured by yours truly -@jayparagat

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