A Handful Of Alikaykay (Seashells) For Dinner


Last week as I was strolling along the shorelines I stumbled upon these kids, and from afar it appeared like they were just playing with sands and I was expecting that they will build a sandcastle, but my speculation was wrong. Instead, they were looking for small seashells "Alikaykay" as what these kids call it.


Both kids moved to a different spot so that they might get more, and both went in the opposite direction and immediately started to dig the sands.


Lucky enough, I got the chance to see what they were looking for the Alikaykay (seashells). They were collecting it so that they will have food to prepare for their dinner. It's also one of the advantages of living close to the shoreline, you can have food in an instant, especially during low tide variety of seashells is available if you get lucky.


They placed their collected Alikaykay in an empty can.



These kids had keen eyesight as they were just picking up the Alikaykay (seashells) as if like a stone. They just prove that they were used to it. These kids were also accompanied by their guardians who happens to be fishing in the shallow areas of water. For sure these kids had a good dinner on that day.


The above photos were captured by yours truly At Tingko Beach of Alcoy, Cebu, Philippines.

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