Amegakure no Sato, The Village Hidden by Rain


The coldness of the morning woke me up today, a heavy downpour of rain came crushing down like a shower.

It was a bit cold and my longing to peek the rain had me gazing through it behind the curtain.

A clouded skies and a big drops of rain if this just happened often, I would gladly look at it with a mug of coffee.

The downpour lasted for three hours, as my sister told me since she studied for her exams that dawn (her name is also Dawn).

Rains are somewhat consistent in our town and even the normal sunny days had a light rain.

I've been watching the anime 'Naruto' this year and the Amegakure no Sato reminds me of my hometown.

It rains in Amegakure 24/7 and a little sunny day might be taken as a bad sign.

In the anime, the rain was the pride of their village, it covers and protects the entire village of rain or the Amegakure.

Being at the center of the shinobi (ninja) countries, it has become a war zone during the warring times.

The industrialized village of Amegakure had a large lake that contains the large volumes of water that was poured down.

I can't help but gaze at the striking resemblace of our town, we had the sea that collects the rain water and they had a lake, we had tall mountain range and they had a tall shadowy buildings, and most of all the rain.

On the picture above was Yahiko the founder of Akatsuki (dawn) and before him was the village he wanted to build and protect, the Amegakure, he dreams to support the bridge that connects to the new world and he said he would be its pillar--and he wasn't wrong in choosing this path.

I wish to finish watching this anime series, even it was an old anime but it's kinda great to see how some people like Naruto, could inspire others to be better.

Growing up without his parents, Naruto was bullied as a kid, he could choose to become a narcisist though but instead he became an empath and change the course of the shinobi world with a goal, to become a Hokage one day.

I'm half of the series now and another ongoing series started airing, Buroto, Naruto's son's adventure series.

These are the animes' I've been watching today, Naruto, Mairimashita Iruma-kun, Spy x Family, and the other animes' on my waiting list, Demon Slayer,Black Clover, and Jujutsu Kaisen.

More to go, I watched these on Muse Asia on Youtube and Naruto on Facebook.

My favorite characters are Hatake Kakashi (Naruto) and Fushiguro Toji (Jujustu Kaisen), the two of them are INTP (a Myers-Briggs Personality Type) like me.

I won't be biased next time~~peace (-)v.

But, meet Gaara of the Sand.


He got no eyebrows but had a Kanji mark on his forehead that reads Ai (love), the thing he never truly understand.

This is my favorite expression of Gaara, the face he do when he tries to think hard.

I could relate to Gaara though than Naruto.

If he just had a lot of screen time, I would think he's also an INTP.

But base on his expression and growth in personality, he is a mature INTP and somewhat kind of INFP in a way.

So these are my biases, y'all!

Kakashi, Toji, and Gaara--or shall I add another INTP.


@janesuiren is an introverted night owl who enjoys coffee a lot. An otaku and a foodie, she also lives inside the stories she dreams to publish one day. You can catch her admiring her rainy and picturesque hometown in Western Leyte, Philippines.

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