Urena Lobata


Good evening Hive Asean Community friends. Hopefully you are in good health and of course you can do the things you like and want wherever and whenever and I also hope you can do very different things and of course that is your fashion .

On this occasion, of course, I will give you one of the wild flowers and of course this is a flower that is of course very easy for us to find and we find it in locations in the tropics, so I don't mention it is a difficult thing because we find it easy and easy for us to find in locations that have little forest or thick bushes.

The flower is certainly very beautiful if we look at it and also take it with macro photography and of course that is one of the things that is very good and very interesting for us to see and also pay attention to. The name of the flower that I took is Urena lobata where this is a plant which of course still has a family with one of the plants called Malvaceae.

In addition to having very beautiful and real flowers, this wild plant of course also has many benefits because of its leaves which of course we can boil and become one of the herbal plants which of course can restore various diseases, one of which is rheumatism, diarrhea, dysentery, influenza and also some other diseases. others don't just stop there, it turns out that this plant can also heal bleeding sores and ulcers where of course these leaves must be ground first before we put them on the scabs or boils.

Those are the things that I can share. On this occasion to my friends, although of course I prefer to display photography of the flowers only. On this occasion, but also the leaves have benefits. Hopefully this can make you feel happy see you in my next post







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