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The Beauty of White Orchid Flowers

Greetings To All Friends

Greetings to all of us who are already in this beloved community. Today I am back in front of your eyes to share some of the beauty of flower photography and the flowers that I share with you today are the white orchids that I photographed in front of my sister's house yesterday afternoon and of course the beauty made me very interested in taking some pictures.

It's always fun to talk about flowers because flowers are a type of ornamental plant that many people like, especially women who crave various kinds of flowers, as we know that many women try to plant various kinds of flowers in front of their house, be it roses. , orchids and other flowers like the flowers that I share with you today which my sister managed to plant in front of her house and of course she takes good care of them so that they look even more amazing.

I took pictures of these orchids with the Samsung Galaxy S20 android mobile camera and I took some of the pictures from different angles, for editing the pictures I used Adobe Lightroom and I have prepared some of the photos below, let's see together.

NOTE : I write in Indonesian with the help of Google to translate to English


Camera UsedHandphone
ModelSamsung S20
LocationIn front of my brother's house



About me

My full name is Edi Suryadi, many friends on hive platforms call my name Idayrus, I come from the country of Indonesia which is especially located in Aceh Province, I was born in 1997 until now I have completed my education in college with a bachelor's degree in Science Communication. I like interesting and unique things and I am also a photography and art lover and new things so on this beloved platform I will share about photography, art, traveling and other interesting things.


Thank you for your visit

Best Regards @idayrus

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