A little review about Maimoon Palace - a historical place in the city of Medan

Hi, my friends in the #Hive Platform and Hive Asean Community members. Good afternoon and best wishes. This is my first post in this community. So, today I want to share a review of when I visited a historical place in the city of Medan, Indonesia. This historical place is named Maimoon Palace. Located in downtown Medan, North Sumatra. But right now it's not like a Palace to me, but a market in a museum.

The pictures above are of the Maimoon Palace building. Previously, this was indeed a Malay Deli royal palace when Indonesia had not yet been formed. When viewed from the outside, this place has a unique building with Malay and Islamic characteristics. Because the kingdom of Deli used to be Islamic in the archipelago. I edited these photos again using the Adobe Lightroom application.

The pictures above are the atmosphere inside the Maimoon palace. Inside there are historical objects that were used by the Deli Malay King as well as photographs of the royal family. Including weapons, musical instruments, and the jewellery used by the queen.

The picture above I think is the throne of the Malay Deli king. In the past, soldiers or anyone who would face the king would salute this place. This throne has yellow decorations and ornaments as a symbol of the Malay tribe. Here visitors can also rent Deli Malay traditional clothes to take pictures as a memento when visiting the city of Medan or the Maimoon palace.

The image above is the thing I don't like. Somehow they were allowed to sell inside. It would be an eyesore in a historical place. Supposedly, if they want to sell, trade stalls are provided in the outer area of the palace. If it's like this, the impression of a palace will no longer be a historical relic, but a market. What is sold inside is usually clothing, souvenirs, and prayer items.

The pictures above were taken from the right and left terraces of the palace. On the left, there is a pamphlet like large poster that reads about the history of the Malay Deli kingdom and the philosophy of royal symbols. Here we get information about the history of the kingdom in the past. If you look at the view from this direction, you can see people doing activities such as jogging, playing football, to just hanging out with friends.

The picture above is a building in the form of a traditional house made of wood with a roof covered with palm fibre. Inside the building, there is a cannon that has a legend. It is believed that the cannon in the building is the incarnation of a human named Mambang Khayali who wants to defend his kingdom from attacks by other kingdoms. But I didn't go inside because it was too crowded.

That's all I can share with friends in this Hive community. I hope this post can be useful and add insight and information to you. Thank you for visiting and reading to the end. Greetings and blessings to all.

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