Village Food: Banana mixed with grated coconut


Good afternoon friends, I hope you have a very pleasant day and of course I also hope that you are in good condition and of course in good health, therefore of course you have to take care of your health very well and it is also very interesting because of course if we have physically strong and also when we will be very happy and able to do things that we like and also what we want and that's what of course people should pay attention to because people can certainly enjoy what they have and that's what Of course, one of the good things is of course success is in you

This opportunity I will of course show you one of the traditional foods in the village where I live in the village and of course the food in the village is of course mostly natural food. As for the food that I will convey to my friends, on this occasion, it is food that comes from boiled bananas combined with grated coconut and of course it is one of the most delicious foods and also very natural because there are no preservatives and also it is a food that is often eaten. I used to enjoy it when I was little because there used to be nothing modern in my place so the food was just that

Have you ever enjoyed food like I enjoyed or a little similar? Please provide your comments below and also your input because of course we can share stories that are of course very interesting related to the food that I enjoy. On this occasion, see you of course in my next post which of course will cover different things.








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