Serving at the funeral home


Good afternoon friends, I hope you are in a successful condition and also in good health at this time and we also know that at this time it hasn't gotten better, so that's why. It would be nice for us to take a moment to refresh and of course by doing activities that are positive, then it will be even better for us and that's what people have to do of course because if they do that, of course they will feel very happy

On this occasion I of course went to one of the funeral homes in my village where of course if there was an event like that people would send out prayers and also later after the event was over there would be an eating event Yes of course the food It doesn't have to be rice, there are also cakes and drinks, but on this occasion I certainly found a house that provided rice along with its side dishes and as I show in the picture it is an appearance of this activity to friends.

Each area of ​​these activities will of course be different and depend. How do they do it and my area is usually like that while of course I feel very happy because I can help make the event a success where I of course arrange the menus that are already there to be served to guests and of course it helps the family a bit more than the house the grief that just got the calamity

That is one of the stories that I will share with friends where of course in my area there is still such a culture and of course the area of ​​friends will be different see you in my next post which of course will discuss different things too .








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