Ghataf Cafe at Night


Good afternoon friends. May you always be in a successful condition and also find your health condition is fine so of course you can do the things you like and also what you want wherever and whenever, therefore of course. On this occasion I will greet you where Of course I will share One of the things I do with friends.

A few nights ago I was invited by some colleagues to enjoy coffee in one of the cafes which of course the cafe is not so far from my residence where it only takes about 15 minutes I have arrived at the cafe and in the evening the cafe is of course has a very interesting feel for us to see because of the combination of lights and also the atmosphere and nuances that are there. It's really fun to see and of course I'm very happy to be in that place which of course is not too noisy

Some of the pictures painted on the walls are also one of the main attractions of this cafe where of course the coffee is of course very comfortable for us to sit and stop there because the atmosphere is so cold and also very fun to enjoy with friends.

Even the picture of going to the toilet is really very nice depicted on the wall and also became one of my attractions so I immediately took a picture of the painting that gave a sign to the toilet and I really liked it because it is very rare to see cafes doing this. that thing but they made it and of course it would make people very comfortable to be there.

I myself enjoy black coffee where it is Gayo arabica coffee and I like it in a sweeter condition so I told the waiter to put a little more sugar in my drink and it was willing to die with friends tonight bye in the next post that's all with different things.







All This Photo Taken With :

Location PhotoAceh
Camera usedSmartphone


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