Never-ending construction and judgement doggo

These are two completely unrelated things of course but lately my life hasn't been terribly interesting so you'll have to take what you can get!

I live in the most construction-rich part of the world that I have ever lived. It is a real blemish on this otherwise wonderful place to be in the world. Someone told me recently that basically all of the buildings here have been constructed in the past 30 years and we are now in the stage where they are tearing down phase-1 buildings to make way for taller phase-2 buildings. It certainly does seem to be the case but it is just such a shame that all of the buildings are just carbon copies of one another and none of them really have any character.

This one really annoying work site near my house operates even at night.


I can't imagine how horrible it must be living in the buildings to the right or left of that job-site because the noise is just relentless. They do tame it down at night and mostly do things like welding or quiet(ish) cement work, but that doesn't change the fact that all hours of the day there is a beacon of light on that spot. I don't think my blackout curtains would even be able to counteract it.

Something that is frustrating about all this construction is the fact that it has already been determined that the area is unable to financially support the already existing structures and because of this many of the hotels and condos have completely shut down and have no indication that they are going to reopen anytime soon. Also, there are abandoned construction projects all over the place and one of them is within sight of the one that they seem to be in such a hurry to construct that they work all night long.


Construction on this mega building was halted right as Covid was closing the world and they are yet to come back and resume it. I would like to believe that this is because the owners or investors realize that there is literally no reason to finish it right now seeing as how tourism is quite dead and we already have about 5x as many rooms as the area is capable of filling. I guess I just don't understand rich people. The longer that building is complete the more time will be passing to make it obsolete, so what is the point of finishing it now?

In doggo news I am a bit upset that the doggy beauty salon accidentally snipped off Nadi's iconic puffball tail end. They didn't actually cut off her tail or anything like that, they just eliminated her really cute "pom pom" that she has had for the past 5 years or so.


now she just has a stock standard tail like a common peasant dog and I am most displeased about this. I'm sure she doesn't care or even know but the other day I got this pic of her looking judgmental. In reality she was just tired and I was keeping her awake by continuing to pet her.


hope you are having a great day and that it has considerably less construction in it than my own life does!

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