Beautiful flowers behind the shrubs.

Good evening, Asean hive friends, I hope we are all always in blessings and hope that all of you are still in good health and keep up the enthusiasm for those of you who are still carrying out all forms of your activities at this time, hopefully you will get the results that are in accordance with what you expect later.

On this occasion tonight I want to write a review post about a flower found behind the house which has a very exotic color in my opinion, this flower has several colors in its parts, and this is a wild plant that lives by itself in the bush area shrubs however can produce a single bouquet of these beautiful flowers.

At first I just wanted to pick chilies that had entered the period for harvesting, even though there weren't many of them, but I accidentally saw a flower growing on the edge of the fence because I was a little curious. if I make it as a material to write a post in the atmosphere of the night today for me to share with all my friends in this Asean Hive community.

For those of you who know the name of this flower, please leave your comments below, because I really don't know the actual name of this flower, and as someone who really understands flowers among you, you will definitely know about the types of flowers. this and how the mechanism of life of this one flower.

That's it for my review tonight, of course I hope you all like what I have described in my post tonight, and also thank you for those of you who have stopped by to read my post, as well as in the next blog post later.


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