Ambience of Exxon Mobil Oil Street in the Afternoon

Good afternoon fellow Asean Hives, back with me this afternoon, and of course in a written post which I will describe in a post on this occasion this afternoon.

This time I want to write about an afternoon atmosphere in the area of ​​Jalan Len Pipa, North Aceh district, it crossed before all of you this afternoon, the atmosphere in this area looks quite beautiful with the green appearance of the trees that line the roadside which is a place for people to pass. settled in this area.

Usually, the people in this area will look quite crowded on certain days, as is the case on Sundays or Saturday nights. All young people will usually gather in this area to hang out with their friends or even shop in this area, because on that night it is usually many sell food or clothes and there are also odong odong for children's games.

This area is a road built by one of the largest oil companies in the North Aceh region, the construction is also for the process of employee travel and also as access for people who live in this area, of course this is to make it easier for the community and their employees to use the road access in each of their activities.

That's the review that I can convey this afternoon, I hope all my friends like what I posted this afternoon, and I thank you for your visit to my blog.

Best regards

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