Da Nang to vaccinate everyone over 18

I'm not sure if this applies to foreigners like myself but the announcement was made about a week ago that they are nearing the supply necessary to vaccinate all 1.2 million people in Da Nang, which has been under severe lockdown for over a month.

I have mixed views on the vaccine and my opinions aren't going to be popular with either "team," neither of which I am eager to join.


The above image is kind of funny to me. Is this a sponsored event?

To the anti-vaxxers out there- I'm with you, mostly... I'm not really down with getting an injection when the people who make it are already completely free from liability to side-effects, haven't had adequate time to know what it does to humans in the long-term, and for some people, has rather serious immediate side effects. I'm also one of the people that doesn't believe that Covid is anywhere near as big of a deal as the media and governments are making it out to be.

However, some of the people out there that are producing the conspiracy theories have gone too far with it when they suggest certain borderline crazy things about it. I base my belief in conspiracy theories by one thing: Are rich people subjected to it? If so then the theory is almost certainly not true. For years people were saying that there is a cure for cancer but there is no money in the cure.... Steve Jobs was the richest person in the world when he died from cancer.... therefore: There is no cure for cancer.

To the pro-vaxxers out there - I'm not with you...mostly. Especially the ones that are on board the vaccine train because your political affiliation told you to. You are the worst kind of brainwashed morons on the planet and I actually pity you for your willful ignorance.

However, I also realize that this is a fight that the people almost certainly cannot win and when it comes time to get the shot I will likely take it because the alternative is going to be getting kicked out of this country. If there is some sort of long-term effect that means the global population dies out over the next 20 years then whatever. I don't mean to be callous but from a purely selfish point of view i will be at just around the correct age where all of your bones start hurting and you need medication for all sorts of shit just to not crap yourself on a regular basis.

I am opposed to the vaccine, but not so opposed to it that I am going to spearhead an underground rebellion that results in my inability to participate in society. Resistance will get you deported at best, jailed at worst here.


If the alternative is to keep doing this bullshit week in and week out then give me the friggin shot. I do NOT want it and do NOT believe it is necessary and if I was in my home country I would join the resistance. I do not live in my home country though and I have no desire to ever do so again and therefore I am subjected to the whims of the governments where I DO want to live.

They say it too often but it still rings true: If you don't like it you can go home... Unfortunately this is the situation all of us expats are subjected to. When the ward comes around to give us shots, I will take the shot or i will go on a list that I definitely do not want to be on. If that makes me a pushover than so be it... but the alternative is to return to USA and become a slave to the clock and probably work in a cubicle at some dead-end soul-crushing office job. No thanks. I would rather have a 20-year time bomb coursing through my veins.

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