Today I fished in the market, together with my mother.🐠🐟

Today I fished in the market, together with my mother.🐠🐟

Hi everyone, how are you all doing? I hope all work goes well, friends. I am a member of this community, and this is my second post in the Asean hive community, my activity today is to accompany my mother to find fish in fish shelters, the fish here is very fresh and fresh. Moreover, the fish here are fish that just got off the fishing boat. Every fish brought home by fishermen here first, then brought to the market, because this place we can say is a shelter for all fish from fishermen.

And for the price itself, it's quite cheap, if for example in the market it is sold for 50 thousand rupiah (IDR) here we can get it at a price of 40 thousand rupiah (IDR) per kilogram, it's quite cheap, isn't it, and the quality of the fish is still very fresh for us to cook, so most people like it. buy this fish directly from this place, the reason is because it is still very fresh.
And this is the fish we bought today, it looks very fresh and must be very good to cook.

Thank you for reading my post. @elfawwaz

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