Brand New Shrine

Yesterday, my family is building a new shrine in the house compound. We Have some kind of Fengshui called Asta Kosala Kosali which explains and gives a common rule of the building and the house compound or any other building.
And that is the reason why we are building the new shrine.

It is built on the northwestern side of our house compound. The Shrine is dedicated to the deities and other unseen power which might happen to also stay in our house compound. By building the shrine, we are making a place for them to stay so that they are not roaming around poking things around the house.

On some other holiday, we will put offering to the shrine, so that the deities and all the unseen power either bad or good will be happy and in turn helping to secure our house compound and ultimately for the safety of my family.

Because in our belief those unseen power, deities, or bad spirit are not meant to be chased away, but to be given a place and offering, so that they will not bother us, in turn, it will help us. Is there any same belief happen in your place?


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