Enjoying the atmosphere of the beach in the midst of rising temperatures

Hello Hive Asia community friends. I hope you all greet me well and with your sweet smile. This is my first post in this community, and I expect more of my articles to appear here in the future.

These past few weeks the weather seems very hot, it's not as usual. The temperature here is usually between 28-29 degrees, in recent weeks it seems to have increased to 31-32 degrees Celsius. It was hotter than usual.

In hot weather conditions like today, there is no better and more comfortable place to relax than on the beach.

These few days I have been on the beach very often to enjoy the slightly cooler air, being under the pine trees that grow along the beach feels better, feeling the wind blowing gently there.

Along the beach here, there are also several cafes that provide various kinds of fresh drinks and also some various foods. I also saw that there were also many visitors here, it seemed that everyone was also looking for fresh air on the beach.

I am here with a friend, we enjoy the atmosphere of this beautiful beach, there are huts or places to relax here, some parts of this place are also well laid out and look very comfortable.

Some people, they come with their families, bring their children to play and enjoy the comfortable atmosphere on the beach.

I didn't waste the opportunity while I was here, I tried to capture some good moments with the camera. Some good objects to be photographed, the pictures on display look photo-worthy, this is my intention to show some of the good parts in this place.

From a distance a little further from our seats, I could see several children playing and bathing there, they were watched over by a kind and caring father. Let them enjoy it. :)

And they were talking about many things there while relaxing and enjoying fresh young coconut drinks. I will perpetuate the picture of the two of them here. It looks good.

On a different side I can capture other beautiful photos. It's a good meal. The mouthwatering Mie Ayam and fresh tea are perfect for the current situation.

I think this is very good and creative. Something cool. Bottles of drinks that are not used anymore, they give a beautiful color and display them in several places here. It's cool and very beautiful.

It's fun to be on the beach which also provides several places to relax which are arranged neatly and beautifully. Looks like this summer will make me visit this place very often.

Besides, it can be a great weekend for me, being at the beach and spending summer time there. How's your weekend going now. I think you guys will enjoy it too.

That's all for now, and see you in my next post. Stay well and take care of your health :).

Camera Used : Canon Eos 700D

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