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At night, I don't know what to post, especially where I've just had a heavy rain recently. Nights like this sometimes seem a little quieter on the streets than other nights due to the cold weather and muddy roads due to rain, so people will be very lazy to go out at night. However, the shops are open as usual.
The corners of the city are still filled with light and lights even if only for a moment and this makes the atmosphere at night less gloomy and a little cheerful.


Fortunately tonight I was sitting in one of the places and I happened to be sitting in a room on the second floor. I saw a lot of people selling even though there were rarely buyers who stopped by and I took pictures of them without their knowledge.
Like the photo below, I took a photo of one of the drink vendors selling right across the street from where I was. That place is my favorite place to buy drinks, I usually buy them during the day, but for some reason this afternoon he doesn't sell and tonight he suddenly sells. But nevertheless I was amazed by the stall which is very well designed and looks very bright when I take a photo.


From the window I also took a picture of the fried rice seller across the street, and unfortunately they didn't have many customers tonight because of the rain. I also often buy Nasi Goreng there and it tastes very good. The fried rice there is also my favorite because it tastes delicious. The price is also not too expensive and fits in the pocket.
The place they sell is also very well designed with various lights and bright lights so that when I took a picture it looked very good.


The fruit sellers are also still trying to open their stalls even if only for a moment. They also had few shoppers tonight and maybe because of the cold weather there weren't many people out of the house to shop.
Usually this fruit seller is visited by many buyers during the day and that is natural considering that people buy things like fruit at night.


The fruits they sell are still very fresh and good, I can see it from where I stand on the second floor. They put very bright lights on and illuminate their entire stall, and I think that is very good considering selling at night will be very dark if there are no bright lights.


When I got home, I also took a picture of the road leading to my place and it looked very dark at night because there happened to be only one street lamp that was still on while the others were broken and had not been repaired. When walking on a very dark street like this all I need is a bright flashlight so I don't trip over something, and what I'm afraid of is some dangerous animal coming out of the bushes like snakes and such because that would be very dangerous.

Those are some of my stories today, I hope you enjoy them and see you in another post.





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